Wolfie is a World Champion

Wolfie is a World Champion

Wolfie our beloved Mascot has now received the recognition that he richly deserves.

Wolfie is now a World Champion as he ranked 1st in the recent World University Mascot Rankings. Wolfie had to beat off some stiff competition to claim top spot most notably from The University of Stirlings Stirling Squirrel.


Wolfie ranked number 1 in the recent WUMR rankings ran by the University of Bantshire

The light-hearted competition tool place via polls on Twitter, and each mascot had to navigate their way through a quarter-final and semi-final to make the cut.

The competition was run by Bantshire University a self-proclaimed parody account with over 11,000 followers.

Social media teams from both UL Student Life and the University of Limerick, as well as student officers and staff from both organisations, pushed for a win that saw Wolfie claim the top prize.

Wolfe Topped the Poll
Our President pushing for more votes for Wolfie

Our General Manager Martin Ryan said “Super achievement for our hard-working mascot who is always there for our students, welcoming, supporting, encouraging and making sure we all have a smile and good fun in the UL community”.

Our President Jack Scanlan said “Its a great day for the parish of UL. This really shows the Strength of the Wolfpack and that we have at the University of Limerick. Wolfie serves as a symbol of the community spirit at UL and I think this confirms that spirit”

The Outcomes of this competition

Over 60,000 accounts were reached and 13,000 votes were cast, as well as a couple of new followers on UL Student Life’s social media accounts.

Thank you for everyone who voted and helped Wolfie become a World Champion.