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your four elected student officers outside student life

Dear Students,

We are writing to inform you of a significant development within our student community. Before Christmas, a motion was passed at our student council, reflecting our collective stance on an issue of international importance - our support for Palestine.

In alignment with this motion, UL Student Life is committed to actively supporting Palestine during this period. To effectively channel our efforts and ensure impactful actions, the UL Student Life Officer team has been giving this the utmost attention. Over recent weeks, UL Student Life Officers have been developing and implementing a comprehensive timeline that includes various initiatives focused on lobbying, campaigning, and engaging in meaningful discussions.

Our approach is multifaceted, aiming not only to raise awareness within the student body but also to extend our reach to the wider community. We believe that collaboration and open dialogue are key to fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding this issue and to promoting a culture of solidarity and support.

As our first step in this journey, we are about to submit an open letter to the University of Limerick. The purpose of this letter is to inform the university of our stance and to encourage them to join us in supporting this cause. We believe that with the university's backing, our voice will be stronger, and our actions will have a greater impact.

We understand that this is a sensitive and multifaceted issue, and we are committed to approaching it with the utmost respect and consideration. We encourage all students to participate in this initiative, whether through direct involvement in our democratic structures or by contributing to the discussions and campaigns we will be organising.

In the coming weeks, we will share more information about our planned activities, including how you can get involved. We look forward to your support and participation as we embark on this important mission.


The UL Student Life Officer Team



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