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Curious about the new I-Grade portal? Click here to see what's changed and how to use it.

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Navigating the New I-Grade Portal: What's Changed and How to Use It

Exciting developments are underway as the I-grade portal undergoes a significant overhaul, introducing crucial changes to the criteria for obtaining an I-grade. Notably, the inclusion of pregnancy as a valid category reflects a commitment to accommodating diverse circumstances. Read on to explore the refined I-grade system and the five distinct pathways available for students seeking this specialized consideration.

The Five Categories

Health Matters:

Students grappling with illness or a medical condition can now seek an I-grade if it substantially and materially affects their ability to engage with an examination or assessment. Proximity to the examination / assessment is a key consideration in this category.

Coping with Loss:

The passing of a significant individual, including (but not limited to) a parent/guardian, sibling, spouse, child (or person to whom the applicant is in loco parentis), mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparent, grandchild or any person who was habitually resident in the home of the applicant, is now acknowledged as a valid reason for an I-grade, if within sufficient proximity to the examination/assessment to have a substantial and material effect.

Uncontrollable Circumstances:

Acknowledging life's uncertainties, the I-grade system now accommodates situations beyond a student's control that make attendance legally, factually, or physically impossible. The timing of these circumstances in relation to the examination is a crucial factor for consideration.

Pregnancy and Related Issues:

A notable addition to the I-grade criteria is the recognition of pregnancy and related issues. This category allows expectant parents to apply for an I-grade if their condition substantially and materially affects their ability to participate in examinations or assessments.

Special Cases:

For situations that do not neatly fit into the predefined categories, the I-Grade Committee retains the authority to consider any other circumstances. This provision offers flexibility to address unique and unforeseen challenges faced by students.

Application Process and Workflow

The application process for an I-grade has been refined to offer a more streamlined and accessible experience for students. The new workflow empowers students to choose the most relevant pathway for assessment, simplifying the application procedure and facilitating a more efficient presentation of their cases.


The revamped I-grade portal stands as a testament to the university's commitment to fairness and inclusivity. By broadening the criteria and improving the application process, the institution aims to create an environment that recognizes and accommodates the diverse challenges students may encounter. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the I-grade portal and its application process, visit the official UL Student Affairs page.

To learn more about the I-grade portal and the application process, visit the official UL Student Affairs page.

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