UL Student Life Class Reps update

Class rep recruitment is going strong this year with a total of 209 already elected and working hard to make your student experience at UL the best it can be.

The role of a Class Rep is to continuously improve the student learning experience in partnership with the institution and students’ representative body by helping create solutions to problems, representing fellow classmates’ views and opinions on all matters relating to learning and teaching, provide both positive and negative feedback to staff and act as a communication channel between staff and students (NStEP).

Of the 209 reps elected in Semester 1 of 2018/2019; 75 have received NStEP training where they developed their understanding of the course rep role and learnt work involved in being a course rep. A number of reps were trained by NStEP last year bringing the total number of trained class reps up to well over 100!

Class reps have also had the opportunity this semester to meet with each other, their department reps and the Vice President Academic Affairs and Student Engagement, Kerstin Mey in 2 separate Class Representative Forums. These forums give the reps the opportunity to discuss best practice and directly let UL senior management know what it’s really like to be a student. These forums are set to return in semester 2!

Despite a successful start to the year we are still looking for more class reps across the facilities! If you are interested in becoming a class rep, getting some world class training and adding a bit more to your CV get in touch: StudentReps@ul.ie