Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Statement

UL Student Life want to make it clear that we will not tolerate any incidences of sexual harassment and sexual violence, which affects the lives of too many people, both directly and indirectly.

USI launched a national survey result in June 2020 on students’ experience of sexual violence and harassment experiences in college. A total of 6,026 students completed the survey and it outlined a high prevelance of sexual violence and harassment occurances in higher education.

UL Student Life wants to ensure that all in our community feel safe and supported. This is demonstrated by our continued efforts to raise awareness of sexual consent by conducting nearly 100 consent workshops over the last two years with students, by students.

All staff and students in UL have a responsibility to themselves and to their fellow students and colleagues in the University to contribute positively to an organisation in which everybody is treated with dignity and respect.

We want students to know that there are clear procedures in place to support the University’s policy and these can be utilised wherever an allegation of breaching the “Student Dignity and Respect at the University of Limerick” policy is made against a University student or employee of the University.

If you have a complaint against another student or staff then you can bring a complaint in accordance with this Student Complaints Procedure if you are a student or former student of UL. The matter being complained about must have occurred during your time as a student.

When a complaint includes an allegation of bullying, harassment, or intimidation by a member of staff, the case will be referred to UL’s Policy and Procedures for Student Dignity and Respect. For more details on the complaints process please follow – Student Complaints Policy and Procedures.

UL Student Life stands with you.

For anyone that needs help with a complaint or is looking for support or information, please contact 1. Jenny, Student Information and Support Coordinator on 2. Peadar, your elected Student Welfare Officer on 3. Chelsea, your elected Student Communities Officer on

4. Samaritans Ireland 24 hr. helpline 116123

5. Rape Crisis Midwest helpline – 1800 311 511 6. Eist Student Counselling service on