Graduation Update

Your Student Officers understand how important graduation is to the students and their families each year. Three of us being fourth years ourselves also want this special day to be celebrated like every other year.

Graduation Update Class of 2020


It is because of this, we have been communicating with the University since the beginning of June about how graduation will look this year and what can be done.

Since the communication to students went out about graduation being online in August, we tried pushed for a socially distanced graduation to be held in August. If this wasn’t possible, for a proper graduation ceremony to be postponed to January 2021.

After discussions with higher authorities in UL in June, they agreed to a socially distanced graduation to take place in September.

However, given this unprecedented time and the rise in cases in the younger generation, this will no longer be possible.

In light of this news, we are delighted to say that the University has agreed, as long as a second wave does not hit prior to this and it is safe to do so, to have a full ceremony in January 2021.