Statement On College Court Events


The events which took place in College Court on Tuesday 2nd March are completely unacceptable and show a disregard of public health guidelines by the students involved. UL Student Life acknowledges that the vast majority of our students have followed public health advice and we encourage these students to continue to do so.


UL Student Life strongly condemns the indefensible actions of the students involved. UL Student Life will fully support the university in taking strong disciplinary action for any student who has been found in breach of public health guidelines.


To the students involved in last night’s gathering, we urge you to stay at home. We urge you to act responsibly. We urge you to protect yourself, your friends, your families and those in the local community. Being a student or deemed unsusceptible to COVID-19 does not entitle you to break government restrictions. Government restrictions are not relative to age. We have all shared the challenges that this pandemic has brought. The selfish behaviour must end.


We may live and spend time with other students, but we share this community with individuals who are vulnerable, young, old and come from many walks of life. Ultimately we reside temporarily in the community they call home. This deserves respect, act now.