Next step is all about getting votes…

Send the link to your class asking for their votes. You can email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, whatever is your preferred method of communication.

All Student Council positions require 20 digital signatures (votes), so send your form to a minimum of 20 UL Students, with clear instructions of how to vote for you

Remember this process is new and you will need to explain it. 

Sample email below

Hi Everyone!

This semester I have decided to put myself forward for the position of ___________ on Student Council. To vote for me, all you need to do is click on the link below and follow the instructions.

  1. Enter your details
  2. Select my name from drop-down list of candidates
  3. Select position I wish to be elected for
  4. Tick the consent box

Thanks for your vote!


It is important when emailing asking for a vote, that you explain the process. You will need to send the link to a minimum of 20 students to ensure you are voted in as per the UL Student Life Constitution & Bye Laws

Once we receive confirmation that all 20 digital signatures are received, a member of UL Student Life will be in touch to confirm you have now been elected.

Good Luck