What is Student Council?

Student Council is where all the big decisions are made!  

Council is made up of 56 students who discuss and vote on UL Student Life policy ensuring a better student experience in all areas, academic, social, welfare, equality, and diversity. 

Council meets online every second Tuesday at 6 pm – all students are welcome to attend a meeting but only elected members may vote. Contact StudentReps@ul.ie for more info.  

As the representative group of all UL students, they direct the Executive on what work to carry out by making sure they are working on the issues that matter to you! 

Council members are Student Leaders who influence change right across the campus, from access, facilities, academic delivery, supports, and services. So, we want you to #UseYourVoice and join this dynamic team of 56 student leaders and represent interests that you are passionate about.  

How to Join Student Council

Join Student Council

Make a change #UseYourVoice

Student Council Meetings Semester 2

Times: From 6pm – 7.30pm

Semester 2

Tuesday of Week 2 – 31st January 6:00pm
Tuesday of Week 4 – 14th February 6:00pm
Tuesday of Week 6 – 28th February 6:00pm
Tuesday of Week 8 – 14th March 6:00pm
Tuesday of Week 10 – 28th March 6:00pm

Why Get Involved?

There are 56 positions waiting to be filled – read on and see how sitting on council would benefit you!

  • You get to shape your Student Life experience & become a Student Leader
  • Improves your confidence, public speaking, & leadership skills.
  • Opportunity to reconnect, make friends, & have fun!
  • Hours on council go towards the PVA.
  • Looks great on your CV.

Keep Informed:

Student Council Minutes Student Council Agenda Executive Committee Reports

Nominations Open for Student Council Vacancies 2023-2024

If you are interested in any of the vacant positions please contact: siobhan.wilmott@ul.ie or follow instructions for online nomination process below for Semester 2 2023


Student Executive Members

Student President Maeve Rutledge Email: studentpresident@ul.ie
Vice President/Academic Officer Kieran Guiry Email: studentacademic@ul.ie
Deputy President/Welfare Officer Maeve Gilmore Email: studentwelfare@ul.ie
Student Communities Officer Laura Corcoran Email: studentcommunities@ul.ie
Post Graduate Nominee Louis Pemble Email: postgradpresident@ul.ie
Student Council Chairperson Eoghan O'Mahony Email: 21302677@studentmail.ul.ie
UL Experience Chairperson Vacant
UL Student Events Chairperson Todor Aleksandrov Email: 22336303@studentmail.ul.ie
Equality & Diversity Chairperson Mahir Jha Email: 20266766@studentmail.ul.ie
Clubs Officer Vacant
Societies Officer Vacant
Faculty Officer Niamh Hickey Email: 19251319@studentmail.ul.ie

Interest Group Representatives

Equality & Diversity Councillor Vacant
Disabilities Councillor Vacant
Home International Councillor Vacant
Visiting International Councillor Vacant
Mature Student Councillor Vacant
LGBTQI Councillor Vacant
Student Affairs Councillor Vacant
Sports Councillor Vacant
Activities Councillor Vacant
Entertainments Councillor Vacant
First Year Councillor Vacant
Student Services Councillor Vacant
Volunteering Councillor Vacant
Community Councillor Vacant
Cooperative Education Councillor Vacant
Campus Facilities Councillor Vacant
Student Parent Rep Vacant
Sanctuary Rep Vacant

Kemmy Business School

Accounting & Finance Vacant
Economics Rep Vacant
Management & Marketing Rep Vacant
Personnel & Employment Resources Rep Vacant
Insurance Rep Vacant

Arts, Humanities and Social Science

History Rep Vacant
Irish World Academy of Music & Dance Vacant
Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics Vacant
Culture & Communication Rep Vacant
Law Rep Vacant
Politics & Public Administration Rep Vacant
Sociology Rep Vacant

Education & health Science

PESS Rep Vacant
Psychology Rep Vacant
GEMS Rep Vacant
School of Education Rep Vacant
Nursing & Midwifery Rep Vacant
Clinical Therapies Rep Vacant

Science & Engineering

School of Engineering Rep Email: 19244002@studentmail.ul.ie
School of Design Rep Vacant
Chemical Sciences Rep Vacant
Biological Sciences Rep Vacant
Physics Rep Vacant
Maths & Stats Rep Vacant
Electronic & Computer Engineering Rep Vacant
Computer Science & Information Rep Vacant