Yoga Society


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Yoga Society is a new society at UL founded in 2022, although we’re pretty sure that yoga may be familiar to lots of you.

Yoga is a form of physical and mental awareness. It can include breath work, meditation, and asanas (movement). This beautiful tool is an over 4000-year-old discipline that originated in North India and it is popular and well known worldwide at the moment. Yoga started as a simple meditation practice with a tiny bit of movement but it now includes around 84 poses with many variations at the moment. Yoga practice can contribute to overall well-being. It is used all over the world by many practitioners and teachers of all levels and ages. Even many doctors and scientists promote yoga practice as a part of the successful treatment of many health conditions. Some of yoga's benefits can include: improvement of digestive functioning, increasing lungs capacity, building strength and flexibility, helping with mood swings, tiredness, or insomnia, calming the mind, and improving concentration.

Never done yoga before? Don’t worry, all levels of practitioners are welcome. Remember, it is never too late or too early to start. This is a safe space where you can totally be yourself. 

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For more information about our society, meet-up times and upcoming events, check out our UL Wolves page.