Enactus Social Entrepreneurship


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Here at Enactus UL we develop projects that help the lives of people in our community and we work to create a better, more sustainable world!

We believe that we can all make an impact and here at Enactus UL we work as a team, combining all of our skills and talents to create projects that are making a difference. Each year we compete against 9 other colleges in Ireland at the National Competition. We placed second in the country in 2019 and in 2020, making us one of the top competitors in Ireland. In May of 2021 we became National Competition winners, finally earning the very well deserved title. We were delighted to participate in the Enactus World Cup in October 2021, where we went head to head with other National Competition winners from around the world!

So why should you join Enactus UL? Well, apart from the amazing feeling you get knowing that you are doing your bit to give back to the community, Enactus UL has great benefits: 

  • Enactus Ireland, our governing body, provides valuable training in project development, social entrepreneurship and leadership throughout the year so that you can develop your skills and receive the necessary support. You will learn everything as you go!
  • We provide amazing opportunities to network with potential future employers and fellow students. Enactus Ireland partners include KPMG, Citi, Aer Lingus, Unilever, Bank of Ireland and more. These partners offer a variety of internship opportunities that are only offered exclusively to Enactus students around Ireland.
  • With your skill development and added work experience, your CV will be boosted and will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. It is something unique to talk about in any interview! Any hours spent working with us go towards getting your President's Volunteer Award which will be on your student transcript!

But don't worry, the fun will be had along the way! You are joining a network which has 36 member countries and over 1,000 participating universities around the world! Our members have been able to travel to California, London and Mexico for Enactus events. Most importantly, you get the chance to make lifelong friends and have the best craic along the way, all while helping to make the world a better place.

To find out more, visit the Enactus Ireland website or register for the Enactus World Cup here.