Drama Society


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UL Drama Society is a diverse group of students with one crucial common interest; we all love theatre in one way, shape or form!

Maybe you are a veteran stage school student or you’ve never been within 20 feet of a stage and want to give it a go! 

Here at Drama Soc, EVERYONE is welcome – no exceptions! Performing is of course a huge part of Drama Soc. Each year we run a number of productions, ranging from comedy to drama, with the odd musical thrown in for good measure! But if you’re not one for the limelight, fear not! We encourage members to cultivate their own unique talents and explore all aspects of theatre. Be it directing, script writing, set design, stage management or costumes and cosmetics, we embrace it all! 

UL Drama Soc is more than just a society – it is a family. When you look back on your time with us, you may not remember the lines you spent hours learning, but you won’t forget the memories you made with life-long friends. 

If you are interested in joining, please click the join button at the top of the page. For more information about our society, check out our UL Wolves page.

Snapchat - https://snapchat.com/add/uldramasoc