Dermatology Society


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Welcome to the UL Dermatology Society!

Our main goal as a society is to educate the community on healthy skin habits that are useful in everyday life. As medical students, we have come to learn that many medical societies/clubs are tailored to medical students and professionals but we want to be able to educate the public on conditions that are common but are not common knowledge.  We are here with the intention to help educate our community on how to stay healthy and skin safety!

We are open to all UL students from any educational background to join us, as our society is meant to be a tool for the community.  If you are a student that is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, education or you just want to be involved in the community, our society is one for you to join!  We also aim to create a network for people who are interested in pursuing medicine through a mentorship program.  This will allow our undergraduate members to be paired with upper year medical students.  If you are a medical student interested in Dermatology, Otolaryngology, or Plastics we will be hosting interactive educational sessions from experts in those fields.  If you are someone who just wants to learn more about how to protect their skin this would be a society for you to join.  If you are pursuing a career in education and want experience in constructing lesson plans tailored to the learning objectives of our society, you should join us!

Our objective as a society is to advocate for skin health with an emphasis on public education on identification and primary prevention of skin damage. Therefore, we will be hosting community-centred educational and networking events throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining, please click the join button at the top of the page. For more information about our society, check out our UL Wolves page.