Sub Aqua Club


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If you love the water, this club is for you! Here at the Sub Aqua Club, we dive and snorkel all around Ireland and the world.

Being based near the Atlantic Coast means that we have some of the best dive sites in Ireland right on our doorstep. In fact the university boasts one of the few 50m swimming pools in Ireland (as well as the new 25m dive pool) which gives us an added advantage for confined water training. 

We offer internationally recognized qualifications in diving as well as the opportunity to take part in diving-related courses including Oxygen Administration, First Aid and Boat Handling. The club owns and runs the Plassey Bird, our 7m dive RHIB and we are always trying out new dives spots. We dive abroad during winter and summer holidays. Everyone dives for a different reason, whether it’s to reach extreme limits, catch sightings of rare animals, explore shipwrecks, look at slow moving nudibranchs, or just for the peacefulness of it.

Our club is recognized for its high standards, commitment to training, inclusivity and its love for Sub Aqua Sports. If you are interested or even a little unsure, check out our stand at the recruitment drive or get in touch with us on our website or on social media. If you are interested in joining, please click the join button at the top of the page.

For more information about our club, check out our UL Wolves page.