Mary Mc Laughlin

I am a mature PhD student with more than 30 years teaching and performance experience, including training teachers in the Arts. I hold a BA in English; a PGCE in Primary Education; a Certificate of Vocal Music Education; an MA in Ritual Chant and Song; Certificates in Coaching and Facilitation and a Certificate of Sound Healing / Therapy.
In addition I have taught in both public and private sectors in the USA and the UK. While at UL I have been lecturing in Song as well as tutoring in academic writing i

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Tutor details

Position: PhD student / currently guest lecturer/tutor in Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.


Phone: 087 721 5972

Rate: 35-40 per hour

Group Rate: negotiable

Subjects taught: Academic writing including: helping students to get started and to articulate their ideas; structuring essay and project structure; spelling and grammar review; proof reading. • Presentation skills including development of vocal projection and most effective use of voice, audience engagement and development of self-confidence (also taught in a group). I combine teaching vocal technique with coaching to support students who wish to build their confidence / cope with ‘nerves’ when facing a presentatio