Daniel Jones


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Tutor Details

Position: Postgraduate Student in UL: MSc in Psychological Science, 2016/2017.

Phone: 0872674460

Rate: Û20

Group Rate: Discounts and extended time available, please enquire.

Subjects Taught: Help with any/all Statistics modules, particularly Psychological Statistics: Introduction to Statistical Analysis and Design; Intermediate Statistical Analysis and Design; Advanced Statistical Analysis and Design. I provide help with SPSS, exams, assignments, dissertations etc. I’ll go through everything you need to do well in your specific module.

Description: Please search for “Statistics Sessions with Daniel Jones” on Facebook for reviews and further information: https://www.facebook.com/DanielJonesStats126. First Class Honours BA in Psychology from WIT. Over two years of tutoring experience. Aim is to focus on the more challenging, examinable areas to enhance results. Very high success rate to-date, with many students achieving well above the First Class standard. Relaxed, interactive sessions at your pace.