What is wrong with what we have now?

The Student Centre was designed in the 90’s. 14 years after it was occupied in 2000 it simply does not meet the needs of the Students’ Union today for a student body that has grown hugely in that time and places a lot more demand for services, support, welfare, entertainments, student governance and C&S. ULSU Staff are currently relocated into meeting rooms as designated office space, the staff canteen is unsuitable for the current staffing level of ULSU, there are not enough meeting rooms to meet the needs of the various student groups and there is almost no storage space which in very simple terms cost the Students’ Union to store company files off campus as just one example.

Student groups such as societies are now faced with charges by the University to book rooms for their activities if they fall at the weekend. A dedicated purpose built Student Centre for the students of today and planning for the students of the future is very necessary. The Students’ Union should also have an ability in the future to generate funding beyond the capitation received from the University and incentives such as second hand books shops, tickets sales, events, merchandise will have much more potential which in turn allows ULSU to re-invest back into the services for the whole Student Body.

See previous answers on sports facilities.

With regards to the Handball Club, they do not have any facility to train specific to their sport, they do get accommodated in the PESS building with “one wall” but have no side walls. They have to leave campus as well and train in Limerick City and surrounding area’s which despite their success rate has hampered their development. The two 40×20 courts being suggested are at an International standard and will allow for more handball enthusiasts to take up the sport and train on campus in a more student conscious manner.

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