On Site Promotion

There is a number of different high footfall areas to draw students to your on-site promotion.

These areas include:

The Courtyard

Our Courtyard is where UL Student Life is located, two of the most popular bars on campus are located as well as the campus shop bank and book shop.

The Plaza

This is a large area located between the library, concert hall and main building. Please note that if power is required your promotional staff will need a generator.

Red Raisen Café

This is the most popular place on campus to eat as you have Starbucks, subway chopped and many more food vendors located here. This is an indoor café with a high amount of student traffic.

The Common Room


This area is located in our building and can be used for when an indoor promotion is more suitable.


Full Day Access to 15,000 students and 3,000 staff = €500 + VAT @ 23% (per day)

€800 + Vat for freshers week/charity week.

Discounted rates available for multiple days/block booking.