We are a local company near Campus where 9 months of every year thousands of students are at our doorstep, we are interested in raising our companies profile and would like UL Student Life to help, what services do they offer in terms of advertising?

By advertising with UL Student Life, you are able to cost effectively reach 13,000 UL students alongside 2000 staff members. Whether you wise to introduce a new product or service or increase brand awareness,UL Student Life has the tools to help you achieve this. Advertising within UL Student Life can be divided into different categories:On Campus Promotional Activities Description Underneath Digital Display Screens UL Student Life have just installed brand new digital display screens in seven high traffic areas across the University’s campus.

These screens can display any advert or promotion for your company in the form of text, and image or video file. PosteringThere are 35 designated notice boards across the university campus which is available for postering.

Rates are set per week regardless of the time spent on campus. All posters must be stamped withUL Student Life mark before being put up, to show that they have been approved. If required we can provide staff to put up the posters if needed. To avail of the services mention above or have any enquires about rates etc. please email or call into the ents office or by calling the number above.

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