Being a public representative and what that means on your personal life.

Being a sabbat is fun and hardwork. Of course we have a laugh, it is much easier when everyone gets and works together as a team. BUT when a student wins an election they are immediately seen as representative for students even if they don’t take office until June. You are held to a higher expectation of behaviour and responsibility. The reputation of the Union and University rests on your shoulders. Because of smart phones, videos etc. sabbatical officers cannot be seen to be involved in risky behaviour. I strongly advise you choose your housemates carefully and know who your friends are so that they won’t drag you into less than ideal situations. Once you are an officer of the Union, rightly or wrongly, you are that officer 24/7 when you are in Limerick. That can be tough going. You need good friends and family that will allow you safely switch off when you are away from UL students.

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