John Birrane

I have a 1.1 BA in Psychology from NUI Galway. I’ve published papers in psychology, one of which earned me the overall undergraduate award in psychology. My most recent publication was in the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, and I was first author on that paper.

Tutor details

Position: BA in Psychology from NUI Galway



Rate: Û25 per hour

Group Rate: Duo: Û40 per hour / Trio: Û45 + Û10 per person after that

Subjects taught: I can offer tutoring in a variety of areas in and related to psychology, such as: academic writing, research methods and statistics, biological psychology and neuroscience, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and philosophy of mind. I recommend that those that are thinking of getting help from me give me a call first and we can discuss where they need the help and decide whether I am the right fit for the topic with which they require assistance.