Daniel Nevin, Ph.D

In terms of educational background, I have a B.A (Mod) in Biochemistry, a PGDip in statistics and a Ph.D in pharmacology. As a tutor, I’ve vast experience in small group tutorials, one-to-one grinds and classroom-style lecturing. I work on a tailored approach to the individual/group I am teaching and concentrate on focusing on the core concepts/skills needed to ultimately pass exams! I’ve a relaxed/friendly approach to tutoring and always get the best from my students.

Tutor details

Position: Graduate Entry Medicine (3rd Yr)

Email: nevindk@tcd.ie


Rate: Û30

Group Rate: Û20 per person

Subjects taught: Biology/Biochemisty, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry (Basic), Physiology, Pharmacology, Medical Sciences, Statistics