Serena Hare

Hi Everybody,

Firstly, I want to welcome all of the students that are new to UL. Your time here will absolutely fly so make the most of every opportunity! Get involved
with the events on campus and enjoy yourselves! I would also like to welcome back all of the other UL students and congratulate you all on getting this far. I
hope this year is better than your last! As your Welfare Officer, I am here to help and support you with any issues that may arise while you are studying here in the university. I’m here whether you need a listening ear or you want a few free condoms, I’m here! I can help with all aspects of student life that are not academic related such as your general well-being, accommodation issues, your sexual and mental health. I am here to give you support, advice, and put your welfare first in committee meetings within the University. In addition to this I attend meetings representing students. In total I sit on about 20 committees. I will also be running welfare campaigns on campus throughout the semester!

The summer gives us a chance to plan and organize the different campaigns and events we would like to do throughout the year. If you would ever like to
get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me as the more help the better. There are many objectives that myself, Jack and Colin are focusing on this
year. We are already working really hard to make changes, big and small for the benefits of all the UL student population.
The advice I would give is to join a club or society, say hello to the person next to you in a lecture and just be yourself! Never be afraid to ask a question and
learn from your mistakes. Everybody here in Student Life is here to support and represent you as a UL student.

Lastly, I want to give a massive thank you to everybody who voted us into our positions. I am so excited and honestly cannot wait for the year ahead. Every
student has some sort of welfare issue during their time in college so don’t be afraid to call in for a chat, my door is always open. It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is. You can contact me through email, phone or any form of social media! I wish you the very best few years here in UL!

Take care and most importantly enjoy!!