Jack Scanlan


Conás atá sibh? First things first congratulations on making it to UL! Secondly welcome to the most
memorable and exciting four years of your life! I am absolutely delighted to have been
elected as your president for next year. My role is to represent your voice at every level
and help and support you in any way that I can!
I would absolutely love to be back in your shoes starting all over again! I had an
absolutely amazing 4 years in UL and I really hope you get the most out of your time
here too!

If I was offering any advice to my first year self again it would be to get involved and put
yourself out there straight away! College can be an overwhelming time for a lot of
people and I wouldn’t have got through my four years without the friends that I made
here in UL. So get out and Join as many clubs and socs as possible! It is the best way to
get out there and meet people who are interested in the same things as you!
I would also say never be afraid to ask for help! These next four years won’t always be
easy and sometimes things won’t go your way. If you ever need anything, myself, Serena,
Colin and everyone here in UL Student Life are here to help. Our main role is to support
you and that is what we aim to do. There is no problem too big or small so please never
hesitate to pop into my office!

Can’t wait to meet you all!