Alice Hynes Academic Officer

Hello everyone!

I’m Alice, I’m from Co. Sligo, have just finished my International Business degree at UL and I am your new Academic Officer.

I’d like to give a very warm welcome to all our new and returning students, but in particular to first and second years that may be visiting UL for the first time this Autumn. I am so excited to meet you and to give you the welcome you deserve as you join UL’s fantastic and vibrant community.

It’s been a tough year for us all, but things are really looking up and we are excited to welcome our students back to campus this year. I am very much looking forward to working alongside my fellow officers and delivering campaigns that will improve your university experience. The pandemic has taught us a lot, and we hope to bring this knowledge forward with us and to use it to develop a better education experience for you.

Getting involved in student representation was one of the best decisions I made during my four-year degree, so I am enthusiastic about seeking out as many student reps as I can. These roles provide students with skills and experience that will stand to them in the future as well as involving them in a community of like-minded people and an opportunity to make friends for life. I will ensure students have access to training and are supported in becoming informed and confident student reps.

As a student representative, I am here to represent your best interests. Therefore, feedback is at the heart of everything I do. I need ears on the ground to understand the issues that students are facing in order to help and develop a solution. I want every student to feel confident about having their voice heard and sharing their experiences.

Closing the feedback loop is important to ensure students benefit from providing feedback and don’t get discouraged. You need to be informed of the outcomes of complaints and of the plans to implement your suggestions. I want to develop a better system of collaboration between teaching staff and students to increase student engagement.

Essentially, I am here to help and guide you with anything that affects your academic experience. I am also here if you just want to call in and have a chat. I welcome you to drop me an email at or give me a call.

Finally, I hope you have a fantastic year at UL and encourage you to take every opportunity to get involved in student rep roles, clubs, societies, and events!