New Student Officer Team Elected

New Student Officer Team Elected



Congratulations to your newly elected student officer team for 2022/2023

Maeve Rutledge Student President

Maeve Gilmore Welfare Officer

Kieran Guiry Academic Officer

Laura Corcoran Communities Officer


Niamh Hickey Facilities Officer

Eoghan O’Mahony Student Council Chairperson

UL Student Life Part Time Officer Team 2022/2023
UL Student Life Part Time Officer Team 2022/2023


Well done to everyone who ran for this years elections and thank you to everyone who voted.

Campaigning began on Monday the 21st of March and we saw some incredible creative campaigns from all candidates.

UL has the highest voter turnout (3331), in Ireland so far this year.


A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes from the Representation Department to organise the mammoth task of elections each year.  Between organising and co-ordinating workshops for candidates, creating content, and managing the logistics of the results event and everything in between a lot of hard work, time and effort go in.

Finally well done to our current student officers who really put themselves out there for the elections cause. they dressed up as wolfie carried out ice bucket challenges all in the name of boosting voter turnout.  This years student officers have been fantastic and did a great job engaging with students from the transition of remote learning to being back on campus. They are not done yet and will be still meeting,, engaging, representing, and helping students for the next few months.