Section 2: Something for the body

Peadar’s Pilate’s Class.

Three classes brought to you by your Welfare Officer

2.1 Yoga

Roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone.



Yoga Channel



Yoga Apps

Keep an eye out on the UL Yoga & Meditation Society for live Yoga Classes

2.2 Home Workouts

Your normal exercise routine is very likely to have been severely impacted by the current COVID-19 outbreak. Whatever your situation, staying active now has never been more important. Keeping physically active is vital for both your physical and your mental health and wellbeing. Being active can help you deal with anxiety and stress and getting outdoors, if you can, is really important.

Workout Channels

Workout Apps

2.3 Cooking

Research finds that people who eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier and consume less sugar and processed foods, which can result in higher energy levels and better mental health. Eating home-cooked meals five or more days a week is even associated with a longer life

Check out these dishes from former UL Student and owner of Country Munch Eoin Sheehan

check out his website 


Check out more of Eoin’s recipes below. 


‘Bobby’ by Roberta Harrington – Check out Bobby on Instagram, created and run by a former UL Student and Welfare Officer, Roberta Harrington. Here you can find some amazing, mouth-watering and healthy ideas for changing up your diet and staying healthy during quarantine.



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