Student Seat Occupancy Patrollers

The Glucksman library at the University of Limerick is currently recruiting Student Seat Occupancy Patrollers for the pre-exam period. Interested candidates should send a recent CV and short cover letter to outlining why you think you would be a good fit for this role.

Please note that all eligible candidates MUST be available to begin work – Week 11 for approx. 4 weeks, working an average of 10 to 15 hours per week

Students must be currently enrolled at UL and have a valid student card for the intended period.

Student Seat Occupancy Patrollers will:

¬_ Perform patrols within designated areas within the library to ensure that desks are not being reserved and rendered unusable by other students.

¬_ Courteously encourage students to keep their own belongings to one desk only, not spreading to a second desk.

¬_ Issue warning slips to desks that are unoccupied for periods longer than 45 minutes.

¬_ Monitor persistent abuse of the seat occupancy policy.

¬_ Carefully clear belongings to boxes and move to the floor adjacent to the desk

¬_ Encourage students to take up desks that are cleared in this way.

¬_ Advise new students on library code of conduct and user behaviour relating to noise, mobile phone usage, eating in the library, etc.

¬_ Assist in maintaining an environment conducive to study.

¬_ Assist students with basic library usage whilst doing the patrols.

¬_ Maintain accurate statistics on the number of desks cleared

¬_ Provide feedback to library staff regarding development of student support including signage, documentation and peer support.

Successful candidates will have

¬_ Excellent customer service and communication skills

¬_ A good knowledge of the University of Limerick library and its policies and codes of conduct

¬_ A sensible and fair approach to rule enforcement

Job update on:

23/03/18 18:50