Paid Work Available for UL Students!! ULSU is now hiring a new team of ‘MnMs’.
MnM stands for Meitheal na MacLeinn – We are students who work in teams in the housing estates off-campus during Freshers Week and Charity Week
It’s the MnM’s job to be helpful, friendly and chatty with students and residents. They look out for students to make sure they get home safe and sound, and to try keep people out of trouble. As well as student safety, we work to keep the relationships between local residents and students positive by resolving or referring issues. Training will be provided and further development opportunities are possible.
Apart from being good craic and a paying job, it is a great CV-building opportunity. And if you do a good job, we are always happy to give a reference! For queries, please contact
Follow this link to apply:…/1I7tS25NqtGgzBBJChBjuYxEWEx…/edit…

Job update on:

09/08/17 11:03