Graduate Job in the USA

Grad USA

Title:  Graduate Job in the USA


Stand out from the crowd and make your resume shine with broad international business experience that few others can match!

Apply for USIT’s Grad USA programme


Depending on what city you’re heading for and what type of work you’re interested in, there’s a wide range of roles available for Grad Visa holders. Some of our past participants have found work on USIT’s 1 Year Graduate Visa, Professional Career Training, or Internship Programme in roles such as:

  • In the publishing, music production or international relations industries in New York City
  • At tech research and development, financial services, law, publishing, marketing, and tourism companies in Boston
  • In international business, politics, diplomacy, and media in Washington DC


You must:

  • Be an Irish passport holder
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have graduated/be graduating from a recognised Irish/Northern Irish University

If you are a recent graduate, you also must enter the US within 12 months of graduating (from the date on Graduation Certificate). Final Years can travel any time after exams.

The ethos of this programme is to gain experience in your field of study and bring that experience HOME to Ireland at the end of your visa. If you wish to pursue a career in the USA, do not apply for this visa. Participants should not view this programme as an avenue to obtaining a full time or long-term position with an employer.


Salary/pay will vary from one job and city to the next, but the largest benefit of the 1 Year Graduate Visa, Professional Career Training or Internship Programme is the opportunity to travel and broaden your horizons. You can get a whole heap of valuable life experience whilst you’re building your work experience.


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