Why would I run for election?

There are many reasons to become an SU Officer.

  • It is a fantastic experience where you work hard every day for the students of UL. It is an exciting year, full of challenges. Each day is different; one day you could be helping a student with a problem, leading a national campaign or sitting on an interview panel for new staff members. The next day you could be attending a University meeting assessing course content or doing a presentation to your executive committee or sitting in a meeting with the UL President.
  • Make a difference. You can make a positive impact on students’ lives by influencing the decision makers. There are many changes and developments within the Union and the University that that have been driven through by an SU Officer. e.g. securing €10million of government funds for the library extension, negotiating a deal for students for a new student centre and new sports facilities, building a boathouse for six clubs to develop, securing 24hr study area for students, etc.
  • Develop invaluable life and work skills. Over the year you will have developed skills that will benefit you in all areas of your life including: communication, teamwork, leadership, organisation, influencing, strategic planning, working under pressure and problem solving.
  • Improve your employability. This is a fantastic opportunity to build an amazing CV. You will have real experience of making senior level decisions as well overseeing budgets, events, meetings, projects, and teams of students! In one year, you will have worked with the media, interviewed staff, chaired meetings, written reports and negotiated change.
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