What is the timeline for completion of each of those projects?

The best estimates are as follows based on starting all the required processes starting immediately in April 2014 the University would be confident of the dates below but would seek to improve on them wherever possible.

  • 25M Pool: 22 months – Jan 2016
  • Gymnasia/Studio Re-Configuration: 22 months – Jan 2016 *
  • Climbing Wall and Handball Centre: 25 months – Apr 2016
  • All weather pitch and Hurling Wall: 9 months & 7 months respectively – Jan 15 & Nov 14
  • Other pitches: 17 months (pitch grass has to rest and somewhat dependant on weather – frost/inclement rain – but estimate start of term AY15) – Sept 15

* Munster Rugby have to be able to occupy their own new Building before work can commence on the re-configuration of space which they currently use in the UL Arena which is why this timeline is particularly long.

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