What is involved in campaigning?

You need to write your manifesto and make a campaign plan in advance of nomination week with friends who will tell you the truth. Get your campaign team together well in advance. Make sure they know your manifesto and they know the election rules and regulations.

Focus on your own campaign. In the past candidates have wasted time picking holes in other people’s campaigns and trying to catch them out with the ERB rules. Obviously keep an eye out but your overall focus should be on your own campaign. Make sure your campaigners are polite, enthusiastic and that they know your manifesto. Enjoy the campaign week.

This year there is a strong rumour going around about the number of candidates running. I think there is some truth there. What that means is the vote will spread among all the candidates and it is unlikely someone will be elected in the first count. The second and third preference votes will elect who will be the officer. THEREFORE be nice and ask for second and third preference if someone has promised their first preference to someone else. Above all be yourself and don’t try to create a new public persona. Students see through that immediately.

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