What are UL Student Life Officers responsible for?

Representing 14,000+ members at all levels of governance to the University as well as locally and nationally. Student Officers represent the concerns and views of individuals, groups or the whole student body on issues such as welfare, academic, social and financial.UL Student Life exists to make students’ lives better by offering services which include: representation, support, development and entertainment.

  • The UL Student Life President typically sits on over 50 university and union committees representing UL student’s interests. All these meetings require the officer to be prepared, read the meeting documentation and think of the impact of decisions on the student’s lives. It is hard work but a brilliant experience being part of the decision making forums. • Assist individual students resolve issues affecting them & guide them to appropriate help
  • Abiding by theUL Student Life constitution & following theUL Student Life strategic plan (2016) Taking Giant Steps
  • The direction of the organisation with over a million euros in turnover
  • UL Student Life is an unincorporated organisation and it owns a limited company, ULSU Trading.ltd, for the organisations commercial interests – events, clothing, common-room facilities
  • Making up the majority of the Board of Trustees. Along with three external trustees, the student executive are members of UL Student Life’s Board of Trustees. They advise the Student Council on financial prudence and oversight
  • Postgrad Union represents postgrad students only
  • Student officers are members of the university discipline committee & process.
  • The middle man or woman between the students and the University staff A team of 11 fulltime staff support the work of the sabbatical officers & student representatives empowering students to runUL Student Life.
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