I am trying to organise a promotional activity on campus to raise awareness, how do I go about having my promotion here on campus?

Your presence on campus is a great way of raising your profile among students. The University of Limerick campus is a brilliant environment and we have several areas of high footfall where can locate you with a stall or activity to draw students to engage with yourself or your company. Weather permitting usually activities can take place in the student Courtyard, otherwise in block B of the main Building or in the main plaza, all three of which have a high traffic yield of students daily.

If you wish to organise an onsite promotion here on campus, you can contact the events office by calling into the office, or you can call (0612022368). You can also email Olwen.Murphy@ul.ie. When organising an onsite promotion please fill out an application from which you can download from here (https://tinyurl.com/ULStudentLifePromo) along with a copy of your public liability insurance. For promotional rates etc. please enquire via email for more details.

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