Explain the pitches (difference between North Campus and Maguire’s)!

There are actually 3 sets of playing surfaces now in UL:

The North Campus, being the newest, is run by the University Arena/sports Department on a self-funding basis.

The “10 Acres” are the playing fields used to host competitive games, Intervarsities and the like. They are used in during the summer for tournaments e.g. The Kennedy Cup and Games such as the Special Olympics. Maguire’s is the training facility behind the “10 Acres” – it was intended like all sports facilities that you train in one area of UL and play your matches on another. Maguire’s has major issues with the quality of the surface and its ability to be used in the winter months with inclement weather and reduced grass growth.

As of 3 years ago the sub standard set of lights that the student clubs used along once side of Maguire’s were knocked down in a storm and never replaced. This had a huge impact on the promotion of student sports as the “clocks go back” and light is no longer available from roughly speaking Week 5 of Semester 1 until Week 5 of Semester 2, the peak time of the calendar for student sports. The net impact is UL Clubs have to pay to either train elsewhere and this puts pressure on students to raise more money, leave the campus and in doing so also suffer from reduced memberships/participation rates.

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