General meetings

What is a General Meeting?

All students are invited to attend UL Student Life General Meetings therefore giving each student an opportunity to find out what is going on in UL Student Life, to question the Union Officers and to instruct them on what needs addressing at the relevant meetings. UL Student Life belongs to the students; therefore the students are the decision makers.

There must be at least 100 students in attendance to pass a proposal. Voting is by a simple majority.

A General Meeting will take place once a semester.

Date of next General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is happening Wednesday 26th February 2020, 1pm.

Agenda UGM 25th November 2020 (61 downloads)


UGM 06/11/2019

UGM-Presentation.pptx (126 downloads) Agenda-UGM-5th-November-2019.docx (125 downloads) AGM-Minutes-20-02-19.docx (133 downloads) Equality-and-Diversity-Exec-report-Oct-29thth.docx (122 downloads) Student-Exec-Report.-Jack-28.10.2019.docx (131 downloads) Council-Report-Week-8-2019-Colin.docx (138 downloads) Council-Report-Week-6-2019-Colin.docx (127 downloads) Agenda-Student-Council-Meeting-29-10-19.docx (147 downloads) Saoirse-Muldoon-Student-Exec-Report-29.10.19.docx (136 downloads) Student-Exec-Report..docx (128 downloads) AGM-Minutes-20-02-19-2.docx (107 downloads) Exec-Report-Clodagh-Guerin-1.docx (126 downloads)