What is the Executive?

The Executive are a working group of 12 students who are elected by you to help implement students’ ideas, run campaigns, support student led activities and represent students’ interests with the University at every level. The UL Student Life General Manager is also a member but does not have a vote.

Work of the Executive

Each Executive member has responsibility to act as the main representatives for a particular aspect of student life on campus. They must consult with and listen to students to be effective representatives. The President is the primary UL student representative within the university and nationally.

The Exec meet in the Student Centre weekly and attend Student Council fortnightly. They report to Council on the work they have done on students’ behalf and feedback on the University meetings they attended. The Exec members meet with students daily whether it be to hear their ideas for UL Student Life or give guidance on the many issues  students may be dealing with e.g. medical, financial difficulties, accommodation, exam papers, progression, etc.

The four full-time Student Officers and PSU President sit on over 40 University committees representing the interests of all students. This involves a lot of background reading and meeting preparation in order to contribute effectively.

An Exec oversight committee is elected from within the Student Council membership. The committee is made up of five council members whose role is to liaise with the Leadership and Representation Office in reviewing Executive Officers’ performance and reports. Once all 5 members are elected, the committee will meet with the Student Representation Coordinator who will explain the nature and intention of the committee.

Current Vacancies

All positions on Student Exec have been filled.

Student Council still has vacant positions, If you are interested in any of the vacant positions please contact: siobhan.wilmott@ul.ie or complete a nomination form below.

Ready to take the plunge?

This year all of our elections are online. If you are interested in becoming a member of Exec, all you need to do is click the button “Join Exec” below and register your nomination.

Nominations open Wk1 and roll over weekly until all positions are filled.

To get elected you will need 10 proposers and 10 seconders, all of which need to be received via digital signatures.

Once you become a member of Exec you automatically have a seat on Student Council

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