First 7 Weeks

The First Seven Weeks (F7W) is an initiative at the University of Limerick designed to provide strong, enhanced and targeted support to students during the very early weeks of their time as UL students.  Recognising that successful early adjustment is linked to subsequent success, we provide a range of information, target our resources and interact with our new students in ways that make them know we care about them and are interested in their successful adjustment.  Due to Covid-19 UL will transition new student orientation and the now extended First Seven Weeks Programme (F7W) to an online format.


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UL Student Life

  • UL Student Life Freshers Zone. Click the link to get all the information you need as a UL Fresher about events, activities, Clubs, Societies and so much more

  • Officer Team. Click here to get details of you elected Officer Team who support you during your time at UL

  • Belong to the Pack. Click here to get details of UL wolves, over 80 Clubs and Societies for you to choose from and be part of the Wolf Pack