During your time in UL, you can expect to come up against academic challenges at some point. The most important thing to know is that there are supports available both from within the university and from the independent supports of UL Student Life.


Orientation information

The broad range of welcome and essential orientation information for new students in UL can be found on Academic Registry’s webpage for new undergraduate students. 

The UL first year support coordinator is available to help with concerns or issues that may arise for First year students over the course of the academic year. If you are thinking about transferring within UL or exiting your programme you should make contact to get advice .

Check our your faculty Student Support Officer-they might be able to answer your query.


Succeeding and surviving at UL

The succeeding and surviving flyer provides an interactive resource outlining the broad range of supports and services provided for new students in UL.

Other UL supports: Student Supports & Resources | UL – University of Limerick


First Year Librarian

The First Year Experience Libguide has all the information you need to get  familiar with the library. This is your one-stop location for information on how to find books, registering for library workshops, and finding out who can help you.


Learning supports

There are five learning support centres in UL to support students in their learning journey. They are targeted centres and highly regarded supports. The details of each centre and how they operate are provided through this link Learning Support Centres | UL – University of Limerick


IT Support & Services

UL’s Information Technology Division (ITD) provides IT Services and Support to students.

Visit for information on what IT Services are available and how to access these services.


Academic Registry’s Student Hub Online  

The place to go if you want info on UL processes. Check out the directory for what they cover. As a UL student you can also use the search bar to find UL forms and supports. Topics include: Changing or Leaving Your Course: Module Registration, Exams, Grading & Progression: Repeats, QCA, Graduation, PARE Modules & Exit Awards, Official Letters, Documents & ID Cards: Student Status Committee (Module exemption, Leave of Absence, etc.) Accessing your student record and UL Fees Information. Other ways to contact UL’s academic registry Contact Us | UL – University of Limerick.

Need to request a replacement student card?

Need an official letter stamped?


Academic Calendar 

The 2021/22 Academic calendar can be viewed here. This contains key dates for module registration, exam periods, results and graduations.

Has an emergency arisen and you can’t sit exams? Learn about the option of i-grades that the university have: I Grade Applications | University of Limerick (


Who can I talk to about my issue? 

Check our your faculty Student Support Officer .They might be able to answer your query.

UL assign students an academic advisor – find out more.

UL Student Life SISC- Student Information and Support Coordinators – independent student information and support coordinators called SISC can guide you on options specific to your situation- email to book in for a slot with a coordinator to chat through your situation if you are not sure who in the university can help you. Support & Services | UL Student Life


Thinking of dropping out? 

Check out the information here and here.  Get in touch with one of the supports to chat through your situation. Remember that in addition to UL supports, UL Student Life has information and support coordinators (SISC) who can give you guidance and support.

Support & Services | UL Student Life.