Charity Week Statement


Due to the active presence and transmission of COVID-19 within our communities, it is with great disappointment that UL Student Life will not be in a position to host a meaningful charity week this semester.


This is disappointing not only for us in UL Student Life, but for our students and our sponsored charities; The Irish Community Rapid Response and Limerick Red Cross.


We must act responsibly and protect our students, staff, and communities.


UL Student Life will commit to retaining these charities as our sponsored charities for the 2021/22 academic year. We hope that throughout the autumn 2021, we will have an opportunity for more physical engagement and interactions with our UL community. For charity week 2022, UL Student Life will work to create meaningful events as we revive the student experience that we have all been longing for.


The student officer team are actively planning to host another virtual quiz in order to provide some fun and engagement for our students before the semester is out. We will do our utmost to include a fundraiser as part of this event for our sponsored charities. We are hopeful that in the 2021/22 academic year we might be able to expand the activities associated with Charity Week to compensate for lost entertainment and support for these valuable charities.