Celebrating Black History Week


This week was UL Student Life’s first ever Black History Week. The week consisted of graphics aimed at raising awareness and educating students. It’s important that diversity and cultures are acknowledged and celebrated here at the University of Limerick. There are a large proportion of black students on campus and there is also an African Society. Two of our UL students created a documentary called ‘Unsilencing Black Voices’. The Communities Officer Chelsea Joyce interviewed the two girls about their documentary. It was an open discussion about discrimination and the responsibilities of all students and staff.

A range of topics were brought up in the interview including the supports in place for students if they are discriminated against. This interview will be released today on UL Student Life Instagram and Facebook. It was an interesting discussion be sure to watch it. UL Student Life would like to take this opportunity to thank Cathy Osikoya and Sandrine Ndahiro for partaking in the interview.