An Update from your Academic Officer

Ahoy students of UL! Matthew here just giving you a quick update of what I’ve been up to.

At the moment I’m looking at UL’s current Link in system. I think UL would benefit from allowing students in 1st year to progress to 2nd year with one deficient module.

Currently they have to take a year to study that one module which is not ideal.

This is a slow burn of a project really because these things take a while to change, but if anyone who has taken part in one or two module link in and has any feedback on how the year was, good or bad, send it on to me at

Also the support coordinator Jenny and I are planning an ol’ fashioned destress week for week 13. All good vibes promised. Keep an eye on snapchat (snapwolfieul) so you don’t miss anything free stuff.

Best of luck with the exams anyway folks. Small bit of work now will save you from a load of work in the Summer Repeats. If you feel overwhelmed or anything feel free to call in or email me about anything!