UL Student Life is located in the Courtyard and at the centre of a thriving university campus. We are offering your organisation to market your product or service to our student population of over 15,000. By 2021 The student population is expected to exceed over 20,000 students. There is also over 3,000 University of Limerick staff members.


Every August our Students graduate from their respective courses. Each year there is ceremonies and a graduation ball.

Graduation Advertising Booklet:

We produce a graduate booklet full of great offers on their special day. This booklet is posted out to all attendees of the graduation ceremonies. Advertising in this booklet is €300+Vat

Graduation Promotional Packages

Gold Package €2,000 +Vat @23% + Vat

  • Website Banner Advert
  • Ticket Advertisement
  • Graduation Booklet
  • Newsletter Ad Placement
  • An Focal Advert
  • Digital Screens
  • Postering
  • Sponsorship

Silver Package: €1,400+Vat @23%

  • Website Banner Advert
  • Ticket Advertisement
  • Graduation Booklet
  • Newsletter Ad Placement
  • Digital Screens
  • Postering

Bronze Package: €1,000+Vat @23%

  • Website Banner Advert
  • Ticket Advertisement
  • Graduation Booklet
  • Digital Screens
  • Postering



Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is published each year and distributed to first-year students free of charge during orientation week. This is a handbook outlining what is available to them on campus and is also an academic diary for the year.

Adverts may also be placed in this handbook.

Full Colour Page = €1,000 + VAT @ 23%

Inside Cover = €1,300 + VAT @ 23%

Back Cover = €2,000 + VAT @ 23%

Fresher’s Packs

These are distributed to all new students (3,000 +) during orientation week and contain advertising leaflets, free samples and other goodies.

Include item in Fresher’s pack = €450 + VAT @ 23%


We hold a huge amount of events each year including freshers week, Charity week Shag Week KBS Ball, Tri Faculty Ball, Grad Ball, Mental Health Week, A Wellness Summit, and a huge amount of Clubs and society events.

We also obtain a huge amount of popular acts. In recent years we have hosted acts such as The Academic, Professor Green, John Gibbons, All Twins, Jax Jones, 2ManyDJs, Wheatus, Hudson Taylor to name a few.

We also have sporting events such as our annual sports day, the ultimate challenge (which is like an obstacle course).

Become Title Sponsors for Freshers week, Charity Week and Student Balls. And other events. Our Events are the most engaging activities our students take part in and contribute a huge amount to their college experience. Associate your brand with a memorable event.

Talk to Cathal McCarthy for more information on how to become a sponsor.


Banner Display Advertising On Our Website

Our website is a go-to place for information on a huge variety of different topics which students, parents and staff go to in order to access this information. We have over 3,000 visitors each month.


€300 + Vat @ 23% for four weeks

Full Semester = €1,000 + Vat @23%


Newsletter List Ad Placement

We have a database of over 10,000 current students and growing where we communicate on a regular basis through mailchimp email newsletters.

Our subscribers are the first to hear about the latest news, ticket releases and are offered to enter into exclusive competitions.


Newsletter ad placement is €350+Vat

Social Media

We have a large number of followers on our social media channels and use these channels to communicate what’s happening on campus with our students. Advertising on our social channels is charged on a post by post basis.


Instagram post €300+vat

Instagram story series €300+vat

Snapchat story series €300+vat

Facebook post €100+vat

Facebook Job advertisement posts €50+Vat

A post can be boosted and this is added to the original cost of the post.


Postering is charged at €50 per week. We have 51 noticeboards for posters around the campus. This is a labour charge as it takes time to stamp and put up posters on your behalf.

Digital Screens

We have 7 digital display screens that are located in high traffic areas on campus, including the Common Room, (Hang out zone) Games Room, Student Centre Reception, UL Spar, SAA, The Foundation Building (UCH), and the Health Sciences Building.

The screens cycle through static advertisements in 10-second loops. We can also accommodate video but audio will not play.


Four Weeks = €250 + VAT @ 23% Full Semester = €1,000 + VAT @ 23%

An Focal

Our student newspaper, which is hand, delivered to all on campus and multiple off-campus student accommodations. The paper is printed 6 times in the academic year.

2,500 copies are distributed throughout the campus and all five on-campus student villages, a number off-campus student villages and to a number of housing estates surrounding the University.

An Focal has an audience of up to 15,000 students in UL as well as staff and many others outside the university. The paper includes 24 pages of news, lifestyle, sports and clubs and societies news and is open to any UL student or staff member to contribute to.


Full Page = €500 + VAT @ 23%

6 Issues = €4,000 + VAT @ 23%

1/2 Page = €400 + VAT @ 23%

6 Issues = €3,000 + VAT @ 23%

1/4 Page = €200 + VAT @ 23%

6 Issues = €1,800 + VAT @ 23%

Dimensions are as follows

1/4 page = 16cm * 12.5cm

1/2 page = 16cm * 25cm

Full Page = 32cm * 25cm

All ads should include a 3mm bleed.

On Site Promotion

There is a number of different high footfall areas to draw students to your on-site promotion.

These areas include:

The Courtyard

Our Courtyard is where UL Student Life is located, two of the most popular bars on campus are located as well as the campus shop bank and book shop.

The Plaza

This is a large area located between the library, concert hall and main building. Please note that if power is required your promotional staff will need a generator.

Red Raisen Café

This is the most popular place on campus to eat as you have Starbucks, subway chopped and many more food vendors located here. This is an indoor café with a high amount of student traffic.

The Common Room


This area is located in our building and can be used for when an indoor promotion is more suitable.


Full Day Access to 15,000 students and 3,000 staff = €500 + VAT @ 23% (per day)

€800 + Vat for freshers week/charity week.

Discounted rates available for multiple days/block booking.


For more information on packages or any other promotional opportunity please contact cathal.mccarthy@ul.ie