What is the constitution?

The constitution is the governing document of UL Student Life, it contains our objectives and outlines some of the processes which manage our democracy.

Current constitution

Original Document Passed April 2013, most recent Article Amendments was 7th Nov 2017

Constitution (163 downloads)

Management Committee

What is the Management Committee?

The committee meets at least twice a year for the annual accounts and budget approval, with a further mid-year meeting for an update on the strategic plan and budget.

All three meetings require full attendance from external members, for students to be supported by their guidance.

The Chair is an external member, with a fixed term of office and rotation amongst externals.


Management Committee includes student representatives, the General Manager and three external members. For good governance, it is imperative that we have a minimum of three external members for expertise and guidance and to chair the meetings.


  1. At the first meeting of the year, the committee sets out the strategic pieces of work that need to be carried out. Subcommittees are established when and where required and disbanded when the work has been done.
  2. Management Committee reviews and approves annual audited accounts and the annual operational budget. It oversees and guides UL Student Life reserves and oversees the implementation of the strategic plan.
  3. The General Manager provides an update on the operational work done by staff between meetings, as per the strategic plan.
  4. Monthly accounts are produced, and the Financial Controller provides an update and answers queries.
  5. Company status change is reviewed.
  6. The chair supports and advises the General Manager, as and when required, and agrees agenda items and meeting documents.

General meetings

What is a General Meeting?

All students are invited to attend UL Student Life General Meetings therefore giving each student an opportunity to find out what is going on in UL Student Life, to question the Union Officers and to instruct them on what needs addressing at the relevant meetings. UL Student Life belongs to the students; therefore the students are the decision makers.

There must be at least 100 students in attendance to pass a proposal. Voting is by a simple majority.

A General Meeting will take place once a semester.

Date of next General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is happening Wednesday 20th February 2018, 6pm.

The Agenda and papers for the next general meeting: Coming soon!


Current UL Student Policies

Minute Archive

Student Council

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