What is the constitution?

The constitution is the governing document of UL Student Life, it contains our objectives and outlines some of the processes which manage our democracy.

Current constitution and bye laws

Original Document Passed May 2021

Constitution & Byelaws Master Document (65 downloads) Bye-Law-1-Rights-1.pdf (243 downloads) Bye-Law-2-Student-Council.pdf (283 downloads) Bye-Law-3-Executive.pdf (234 downloads) Bye-Law-4-Board-of-Directors.pdf (250 downloads) By-Law-5-Clubs-and-Societies.pdf (218 downloads) Bye-Law-6-Finance.pdf (188 downloads) Bye-Law-7-Representatives.pdf (490 downloads) Bye-Law-8-Elections.pdf (367 downloads)


Board of Directors

What is the Board of Directors?

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to take responsibility for the governance of the Union in the following areas:

  1. Overall direction of the work of the Union staff
  2. Financial management
  3. Legal and regulatory compliance
  4. Accountability

Under company law, the Board of Directors are obliged to:

  • Act in good faith and in the company’s interest.
  • Act honestly and responsibly in relation to the company.
  • Act in line with the company’s constitution and the law.
  • Not use their powers for personal gain or for the benefit of others at the company’s expense.
  • Act with due care, skill and diligence.

The Board of Directors of the Company must act in accordance with the Bye Laws and the University of Limerick Code of Conduct, as well as the Constitution

The membership of the Board of Directors is made up of:

  1. Four Student Officers as elected in accordance with Bye Law 5: Elections
  2. The Chair of Student Council as elected in accordance with Bye Law 5: Elections
  3. The Faculties Officer as elected in accordance with Byelaw 5: Elections
  4. Up to a maximum of four External Directors to be appointed in accordance with this Bye Law

For more information on Board of Directors, please refer to the relevant bye law.

UL Student Life annual AGM

Full details and minutes of UL Student Life’s AGM’s including Executive Reports and account details can be viewed here.